For sale
Tek Bulevardi Bajram Curri, Shitet Apartament 3+1+2 !!! - 167m2
Blloku - Bajram Curri Boulevard

In Blv.Bajram Curri for sale apartment 3 + 1 + 2 toilets and 3 balconies on the 5th floor in a building of 2018 well maintained with 3 elevators. For...

For sale
Prane 21 Dhjetorit, Shitet Apartament 3+1 Buze Rruges K... - 94m2
21 Dhjetori - Rruga Muhamet Gjollesha

In the area of ​​December 21, near the main road, a 3 + 1 apartment is for sale, a very good investment opportunity. The apartment is located on the 2...

For sale


Te 21 Dhjetori, Te Kompleksi Magnet, Shitet Super Apart... - 132m2
21 Dhjetori - 21 Dhjetori

At Magnet Complex For Sale Super Apartment 2 + 1 Super invested with regular layout, The apartment is located on the 6th floor of a well-managed build...

For sale


Tek Ministria E Jashtme Shitet Klinikë Dentare Me 2000... - 131m2
Ministria e Jashtme - Bulevardi Zhan D'Ark

The clinic in question has been operating successfully for 15 years and the current owner is retiring. A list of 2000 clients is waiting for the new d...

For sale
Ne Bllok, Shitet Apartament 3+1 Super I Investuar !!! - 126m2
Blloku - Rruga Sami Frashëri

3 + 1 apartment for sale in a block in one of the most favorite and most liked places for living. The apartment is located on the 9th floor of a new b...

For sale
Tek Stadiumi Dinamo, Shitet Apartament 2+1, Totalisht I... - 98m2
Stadiumi Dinamo - Rruga Zef Jubani

Tek Stadiumi Dinamo, ne nje nder zonat me preferenciale dhe elitare te Tiranes, shitet apartament 2+1, ne nje ndertim te ri dhe teper cilesor. Apartam...

For sale
Okazion Kleringu! Tek Liqeni Thate, Shitet Apartament 3... - 161m2
Liqeni i Thate - Liqeni Thatë

Clearing Opportunity! At Liqeni Thate, in the highest quality complex with a fantastic location, a 3 + 1 + 2 apartment for sale at a clearing price. T...

For sale
Okazion Kleringu! Tek Liqeni Thate, Shitet Apartament 2... - 124m2
Liqeni i Thate - Liqeni Thatë

Clearing Opportunity! At Dry Lake in the most quality complex and with a fantastic location, Apartment for sale 2 + 1 + 2 with clearing price. The apa...

For sale


Tek Kompleksi Kontakt, Shitet Apartament 3+1+2, Me Arre... - 135m2
Kompleksi Magnet - Rruga Frosina Plaku

At Kontakt Complex, 3 + 1 + 2 apartment for sale, with luxury decoration! Ideal opportunity for a quality life, quiet and maximum comfort. This apartm...

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