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For sale
Tek Vasil Shanto Shitet Apartament 2+1 I Investuar !! - 70m2
Vasil Shanto - Bajram Curri Boulevard

Vasil Shanto 2 + 1 apartment for sale on the 3rd floor of an existing building, totally reconstructed and furnished with quality. The apartment faces...

For Rent
1,300€ / month
Ne Qender, Tek Turdiu Center, Jepet Me Qera Apartament... - 162m2
Qender - Rruga e Barrikadave

Ne Qender, tek Turdiu Center jepet me qera apartament 2+1+2, me siperfaqje 162 m2. Apartamenti eshte i organizuar ne 1 sallon me hapesire te bollshme...

For sale
Okazion! Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 Ne Ndertim Te 2020, Ve... - 103m2
Oxhaku - Rruga Kongresi i Manastirit

Near "Mother Teresa" Hospital In A Building Of The Year 2020, For Sale Apartment 2 + 1 + 2, With Occasional Clearing Price 820 Euro / m2. The construc...

For sale
Tek "kompleksi Halili "shitet Super Apartament 2+1 Me... - 131m2
Selvia - Rruga e Dibrës

Prane Selvise tek Kompleksi “Halili” shitet super apartament 2+1 me siperfaqe totale 131m². Apartamenti ka organizim mjaft te rregullt me hapsira te b...

For sale


Shitet Apartament 2+1 - 168m2
Komuna e Parisit - Rruga Hasan Alla

The palace is located near the Crystal Center and has exits to the Great Ring Road and the main streets of the Paris Commune neighborhood. The apartme...

For Rent
350€ / month
Në Myslym Shyr Jepet Me Qira Apartament 1+1 I Mobiluar... - 60m2
Myslym Shyri - Rruga Myslym Shyri

Tek Rezidenca INTER CO - SAT, ne rrugen Myslym Shyri, prane Albtelekom jepet me qira apartament 1+1 totalisht i mobiluar me cdo gje bashkohore. Aparta...

For sale


Ali Demi, Shitet Apartament 1+1 - 71m2
Ali Demi - Rruga Zhegu

Shume prane fushave te Ali Demit shitet apartament 1+1 i mobiluar me shume shije. Apartamenti organizohet ne nje dhome ndenje te bollshme se bashku me...

For sale


Tek 21 Dhjetori, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 !!! - 94m2
21 Dhjetori - Rruga Frederik Shiroka

Tek 21 Dhjetori shitet apartament 2+1 me hapsira te bollshme. Apartamenti ndohet ne katin e 3 te nje pallati me ashensor me 9 kate dhe organizohet ne...

For sale
Shitet 1+1 Ne Brryl Mundesi Shume E Mire Investimi Dhe... - 50m2
Brryli - Rruga Arkitekt Kasemi

Tek Brryli shitet apartament 1+1 ne katin e kater te nje pallati egzistues. Apartamenti organizohet ne nje koridor qe ndan ambjentet, dhomen e ndenjes...

For sale


Tek Liqeni I Thate, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 I Sapoinves... - 113m2
Liqeni i Thate - Rruga Hamdi Sina

At the Dry Lake, a newly renovated 2 + 1 apartment is for rent, located on the 2nd floor of the new building with elevator and well managed. The apart...

For sale
Tek 21 Dhjetori Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 Totalisht I Inv... - 117m2
21 Dhjetori - 21 Dhjetori

Tek 21 Dhjetori shitet super Apartament 2+1 super i investuar me planimetri te rregullt, , Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 1 banimi dhe e 3 te nje pall...

For sale


Tek Selvia, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Shume Drite!! - 99m2
Selvia - Rruga e Dibrës

Tek Selvia, shitet apartament 2+1 me hapesira te bollshme dhe shume drite. Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 5-te banimi te nje pallati te ri te mireadmi...

For sale
Ne Zonen E Brrylit Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Shume Drite... - 100m2
Brryli - Rruga Vllazën Huta

In Brryli area, a 2 + 1 apartment is for sale on the 4th floor of a building with elevator. The apartment is organized in a spacious living room, toge...

For sale
Tek Kompleksi Star, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2, Me Super K... - 131m2
Ish Parku - Rruga Ndre Mjeda

Tek Kompleksi Star, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2, Me Super Kubature Dhe Planimetri Perfekte. Apartamenti ndodhet ne nje Kompleks te ri pallatesh prane zone...

For sale


Tek Mine Peza, Shitet Apartament 3+1+2, Me Strukture Dh... - 105m2
Mine peza - Rruga Haxhi Hysen Dalliu

Tek Mine Peza, prane Prokurorise se Tiranes, shitet apartament 3+1+2 , me siperfaqe 106 m/2 , ne katin e 3 te nje pallati te ri dhe te mireadministrua...

For sale
Tek Turdiu Center Shitet Apartament 2+1 !! - 162m2
Qender - Rruga e Barrikadave

Tek Turdiu Center shitet apartament 2+1 me siperfaqje 162 m2. Apartamenti eshte i organizuar ne 1 sallon, 2 dhoma gjumi , 2 tualete dhe verand 45 m2 d...

For sale
Afër Syrit Të Liqenit Shitet Apartament 3+1 Me Çmim Oka... - 185m2
Liqeni Artificial - Rruga Liqeni i Thate

Next to the Eye of Tirana, in a quality building built by the company Edil Al, a 3 + 1 apartment with 3 bathrooms is for sale. The building is a very...

For sale
Tek Uzina Autotraktor, Shitet Apartament 1+1 Me Shume D... - 77m2
Uzina Autotraktor - Ali Demi

Near the Autotractor Plant, 1 bedroom apartment for sale. The area is quite developed and complete with all the necessary services, such as schools, k...

For sale
Prane Selvise, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Shume Drite! - 111m2
Selvia - Rruga Siri Kodra

Fantastic 2 + 1 Apartment for sale near the Center of Tirana in "Siri Kodra" street. The apartment has a perfect structure and high quality investment...

For sale


Tek Irfan Tomini Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 Me Planimetri... - 107m2
Vasil Shanto - Rruga Irfan Tomini

Apartment for sale 2 + 1 + 2 which has an area of ​​107 m2 in the area of ​​Vasil Shanto, one of the most developed areas of Tirana, with all necessar...

For sale


Prane Ambasades Amerikane, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Ideal... - 67m2
Ambasada Amerikane - Rruga Ali Visha

Near the American Embassy For Sale 2 + 1 Apartment ideal for investment. The apartment is located on the fourth floor, not the last floor of a well-ma...

For sale


Shitet Apartamenti 2+1+2 Me Verandë Dhe Pamje Fantastik... - 103m2
Misto Mame - Rruga Thoma Koxhaj

2 + 1 + 2 apartment for sale, in Misto Mamr, an area that continues to develop day by day. Misto Mame is now an area that offers all services and faci...

For sale


Shitet Apartament 3+1+2 Me Shume Drite !!! - 100m2
Mine peza - Rruga Mine Peza

Tek rruga Mine Peza , shitet apartament me 3+1+2 . Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 5 te nje pallati ekzistues me 5 kate dhe organizohet 1 sallon te b...

For sale
Tek Astiri, Ne Rrugen Mikel Maruli, Shitet Apartament 2... - 117m2
Astir - Rruga Mikel Maruli

Tek Astiri, ne Rrugen Mikel Maruli, shitet Apartament 2+1, ne katin 5 banimi te nje pallati te ri, te pajisur me ashensor. Apartamenti ka strukture sh...

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