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Ne Rrugen Gjergj Legisi, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Pamje... - 94m2
Laprake - Rruga Gjergj Legisi

In Laprake, Gjergj Legisi Street, 2 + 1 Super Apartment for Sale! The apartment is located in a new building equipped with thermal insulation, and aco...

For Rent
300€ / month

400€ / month

Tek Pazari I Ri, Jepet Me Qira Dyqan Buze Rruges Kryeso... - 25m2
Pazari i Ri - Rruga Tefta Tashko-Koço

Shume afer Pazarit te Ri, ne fillim te rruges Tefta Tashko, jepet me qira dyqan 25 m2. Ambienti eshte open space, me fasade xhami dhe eshte buze rruge...

For sale


Tek Liqeni I Thate, Shitet Ap. 3+1+2, Me Pamje Te Mreku... - 150m2
Liqeni i Thate - Rruga Peti

Tek Liqeni i Thate, ne Zone te Qete, Ajer te Paster & Super Pamje, shitet Apartament 3+1+2 tualete, ne katin e 4 te nje pallati te ri 5 katesh, me ash...

For sale


Fresk, Shitet Apartament 2+1 I Investuar! - 103m2
Fresku - Rruga Shefqet Kuka

Fresk, prane Policise Bashkiake, shitet apartament 2+1 i investuar. Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 4-t te nje pallati te mireadministruar me ashensor...

For sale


Tek 21 Dhjetori, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2, Me Cmim Tregu - 126m2
21 Dhjetori - Rruga Frederik Shiroka

Tek 21 Dhjetori, prane supermarket Joena, shitet apartament 2+1 me orientim perfekt. Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 5 banim te nje pallati te mireadmi...

For Rent
600€ / month
Ne Myslym Shyr, Jepet Me Qira Apartament 2+1 I Mobiluar... - 102m2
Myslym Shyri - Rruga Myslym Shyri

Tek Rruga Myslym Shyri jepet me qira appartament 2+1 i mobiluar. Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 2 te nje pallati te mirembajtur me termoisolim. Siperf...

For Rent
600€ / month
Te Xhamia E Tabakeve, Jepet Me Qira Super Apartament 2+... - 127m2
Shkolla e Baletit - Rruga Shyqyri Ishmi

Near Tabakeve Mosque For Rent Super Apartment totally invested. The apartment is located on the 3rd floor of a well-managed building with elevator and...

For sale
Tek Komuna Parisit, Shitet Apartament 2+1+2 I Investuar... - 125m2
Komuna e Parisit - Rruga Tish Dahia

2 + 1 + 2 apartment for sale in "Paris Commune". The recently furnished apartment and everything new from the toilet, parquet (laminate) to the furnit...

For sale


Tek Stadiumi Dinamo, Shitet Apartament 2+1, Totalisht I... - 98m2
Stadiumi Dinamo - Rruga Zef Jubani

Tek Stadiumi Dinamo, ne nje nder zonat me preferenciale dhe elitare te Tiranes, shitet apartament 2+1, ne nje ndertim te ri dhe teper cilesor. Apartam...

For Rent
450€ / month
Tek Kompleksi Fiore Di Bosco, Jepet Me Qira Apartament... - 105m2
Don Bosko - Rruga Don Bosko

At Fiore Di Bosco Complex, a 2 + 1 apartment with 105 m2 of surface is for rent. The apartment is located in a newly built and quiet complex which off...

For sale


Ne Rrugen Gjergj Legisi, Shitet Super Apartament 2+1 !... - 120m2
Laprake - Rruga Gjergj Legisi

Ne Laprake Ne Rrugen Gjergj Legisi, Shitet Super Apartament 2+1 Me Arredim Modern! Apartamenti ndodhet ne pallatin me te mire te zones i perfunduar n...

For Rent
1,700€ / month
Jepet Me Qira Ambient Duplex Per Zyra + 2 Garazhde ! - 350m2
Ministria e Jashtme - Bulevardi Zhan D'Ark

Prane Ministrise se Jashtme, jepet me qira super ambient komercial Openspace per Zyra ose aktivitete te tjera te ngjashme, ne formatin e duplexit. Amb...

For sale
Tek Rezidenca Kodra E Diellit 1, Shitet Ap.2+1, Me Orie... - 100m2
Kodra e Diellit - Rruga Kodra e Diellit

At Kodra e Diellit 1 Residence, 2 + 1 Super Apartment for Sale, with East and South-West Orientation. The apartment is located on the 3rd floor in a n...

For sale
Astir, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Orientim Perfekt ! - 112m2
Astir - Rruga Teodor Keko

Astir, at 2 rotondot, 2 + 1 apartment for sale with perfect orientation. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of a building with elevator and is...

For Rent
600€ / month
Qender, Jepet Me Qira Super Ambient Per Zyra! - 86m2
Qender - Rruga Myrtezim Këlliçi

Center, For Rent Ideal Office Environment! The environment is located on the first floor of a building with elevator, by the road and has an area of ​...

For Rent
230€ / month

250€ / month

Tek Rruga "4 Deshmoret "jepet Me Qira Apartament 1+1 !... - 55m2
Rr. 4 Deshmoret - Rruga 4 Dëshmorët

In Rruga 4 Deshmoret, 1 + 1 apartment for rent with an area of ​​56 m / 2 and is organized in a regular layout with living room, kitchen, room and 1 b...

For Rent
4,000€ / month
Bllok, Jepet Ambient Komercial Me Qira ! - 450m2
Blloku - Rruga Ismail Qemali

Ne Bllok, jepet super ambient komercial me qira , me nje lokacion fantastik, prane Instesa San Paolo Bank. Ambienti eshte totalisht i ndare ne 6 zyra...

For sale


Në Don Bosko, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Me Çmim Okazion ! - 90m2
Don Bosko - Rruga Muzaket

Ne Don Bosko te pallatet Almak Shitet Apartament me cmim Okazion 2+1 .Apartamenti ndodhet ne katin e 9 te banimit te nje pallati me ashensor e te mire...

For sale
Prane Ambasades Amerikane, Shitet Apartament 2+1 Ideal... - 67m2
Ambasada Amerikane - Rruga Ali Visha

Near the American Embassy For Sale 2 + 1 Apartment ideal for investment. The apartment is located on the fourth floor, not the last floor of a well-ma...

For Rent
600€ / month

800€ / month

Prane Bllokut Te Ambasadave, Jepet Me Qira Duplex! - 160m2
Blloku i Ambasadave - Rruga Vëllezërit Manastirli

Near the Embassy Block, duplex for rent with fantastic orientation and very good furniture. The apartment is located in a new building equipped with a...

For sale
Tek Rruga E Kosovarve, Shitet Apartament 2+1 !!! - 125m2
Rr. e Kosovareve - Rruga e Kosovarëve

Apartment for sale in Rruga e Kosovareve, in a new building, just finished. The apartment is located in the most elite area of ​​the capital, only...

For sale
Ne Ali Dem, Shitet Apartament 2+1 - 80m2
Ali Demi - Rruga Pasho Hysa

In Ali Dem, in Darling L-Shpk Complex, 2 + 1 Apartment for Sale under construction. The construction has very high quality and contemporary works wher...

For sale
Ne Ali Dem, Shitet Apartament 1+1 Me Planimetri Te Rreg... - 68m2
Ali Demi - Rruga Pasho Hysa

in Ali Dem, in Darling L-Shpk Complex, 1 + 1 Apartment for Sale under construction. The construction has very high quality and contemporary works wher...

For Rent
500€ / month
Prane " Toptani Center " Jepet Me Qira ! - 43m2
Qender - Rruga Myrtezim Këlliçi

In the center, close to Toptani Center, there is a newly invested office space for rent! The space is organized in an open space room and can be modif...

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